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Enter to Win A Kayak

We're doing a SUMMER GIVEAWAY all summer long!  Chances to win items, cash money, and gift certificates from stores, gas stations, local small businesses and of course us!  We do most of these giveaways on our Facebook page but wanted to offer more people chances to win if they don't follow us on Facebook.  We do ask if you have a Facebook account to follow us for more chances to win.  You may only enter each drawing once and only one of the ways. 

RULES: Check us out on Facebook and follow the simple steps on each drawing to be entered for that drawing.  Only enter one way, we ask if you have Facebook enter that way if not please enter here.  Share this info with friends and family let them have a chance at winning and enjoying the fun.  This drawing is for a 10 foot kayak package and the winner will be announced June 30th.  Check out our weekly drawings on our Facebook page for more chances to win.  

Thanks! Message sent.

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